Carbon Neutral Swedish Dishcloths: Sustainability Matters

Carbon Neutral Swedish Dishcloths: Sustainability Matters

By Shay Bocks

Carbon Neutral Swedish Dishcloths: Sustainability Matters

Bringing a product to market requires a hefty amount of manufacturing and shipping, which makes us cringe on the inside when we're talking about living that carbon-neutral life. 

Can beautiful home goods really fulfill that zero-waste gap when we're talking about raw materials and fulfillment channels all over the world?

We think so.

It's true that each pack of Okie Dok Swedish dishcloths has an estimated carbon footprint of 3.5lb CO2. While we work hard for sustainability, creating products and shipping them to your door, unfortunately, creates carbon emissions.

But we sat ourselves down and gave ourselves a pep talk. We are problem solvers and we can do hard things! We scratched our pretty little heads, wrinkled our noses in deep thought—and then it hit us.


Trees clean about 48 lb of COfrom the air every year.

This product plants one tree

It turns out, there are some really cool organizations combatting deforestation through tree planting projects—and we wanted in. 

Our hearts were drawn to the work One Tree Planted is doing all over the world, but especially to their project in Peru, right in the Amazon Rainforest. Planting trees here will help conserve the habitat for hundreds of species like the Jaguar while providing sustainable livelihoods to local people.  

The trees down in Peru not only heal the local land after it has been ravaged by unsustainable farming practices, but they also heal our air, even way up here in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Your second-grade teacher was right. This rainforest is critical to the balance of the global climate. 

So, we've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every 5 packs of Swedish dishcloths sold. That means that every 3-pack of Okie Dok cloths you buy contributes to the health and reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. These trees will clean almost 3x as much carbon from the air in one year as our process creates. This is just one little way we're doing our part to heal our planet. Join us?

To learn more about what One Tree Planted is up to, check this out:

Peruvian man planting tree in the Amazon rainforest

jaguar in protected areas of the amazon reforestation project from one tree planted

Project images from One Tree Planted.