soapy swedish dishcloth from okie dok over a sink in hand

Wondering How to Use a Swedish Dishcloth? Here’s Our Guide.

By Shay Bocks

soapy swedish dishcloth from okie dok over a sink in hand

Sweden has brought us many innovations over the years. IKEA! Smörgåsbord! Swedish fish! And, of course, at Okie Dok, we’re especially fond of Swedish dishcloths. Maybe you’re not on the bandwagon yet or maybe our dishcloths won you over with their good looks, but you’re not sure what to actually do with them—either way, here’s the lowdown on how to use a Swedish dishcloth in every room of your home.


Ways to Use a Swedish Dishcloth

Don’t be fooled by the name—you can use Swedish dishcloths for more than just washing dishes. They’re even used by farmers for milking their cows! If you’ve never used a Swedish dishcloth before, think of them as a cross between a sponge and a cloth—they’re thicker than a cotton cloth you’d use for cleaning, but thinner than a sponge, which is what makes them so versatile. We use Swedish dishcloths for…


Cleaning All! The! Things! In the Kitchen

Do you clean your kitchen with paper towels? Or are you more of a sponge person? Swedish dishcloths are miles better than both. They’ve got more cleaning power than a paper towel, but they’re more hygienic than a sponge because they dry out faster. They’re also greener than either option since they can be reused again and again, then tossed in your compost bin.

Use your Swedish dishcloth to wipe down your countertops at the end of the day, clean your appliances (they’re great for stainless steel!), and get all the grubby burnt-on bits of food off of your stovetop. Greasy fingerprints on cabinets and messy spills in the microwave are no match for a Swedish dishcloth, water, and a drop of castile soap. Even filthy oven hoods will look brand new again with the help of a little elbow grease and your trusty Swedish dishcloth.

Oh, and we almost forgot—you can also use your Swedish dishcloth for washing the dishes! Pair it with one of our bamboo sisal pot brushes for the ultimate one-two punch.


Washing Windows and Mirrors

Swedish dishcloths are non-abrasive when damp and even better, they don’t leave streaks, which makes them ideal for cleaning windows and mirrors. Instead of going through half a roll of paper towels to clean all the windows in your home, you can use one Swedish dishcloth to do the same job. 


Soaking Up Spills

You will never use a paper towel again once you’ve tried a Swedish dishcloth for cleaning up a spill. They’re made with cotton and cellulose rather than paper, which means they’re much more absorbent than even the priciest paper towels—they can hold up to 20 times their weight in liquids! For carpet, press your dishcloth onto the spill and let it soak up all the liquid to prevent mold from growing in the padding.


Sanitizing the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t anyone’s favorite chore, and there’s always the conundrum of what to use to do the cleaning—it’s nice to be able to throw out paper towels when you’re done with them, but do you really want to use eleventy-billion paper towels to clean the toilet, tub, and sink?

Swedish dishcloths are a better way. Use one for the toilet, one for the tub, one for the sink, then toss them all in the washer to kill the bacteria they’ve picked up. Easy! Unlike paper towels, Swedish dishcloths will scrub away all that built-up soap scum in the bathroom without disintegrating, but they’re gentle enough that they won’t scratch surfaces.


Making Your Furniture Look Brand New

As a busy person who has many things to do, you probably neglect to polish your furniture regularly. That’s understandable! But a little bit of furniture polish and a Swedish dishcloth can get rid of dust and wax build-up and give your wood furniture a new lease on life.


Getting Rid of Dust Around the House

Since we’re on the topic of dust, a slightly damp Swedish dishcloth is great for picking up dust around the house. We especially love them for wiping down dirty window sills and baseboards, which accumulate dust and debris with a quickness. 


Easing Pain from Bumps and Bruises

You can pop Swedish dishcloths in the microwave to sanitize them, but you can also warm them up this way to provide heat therapy for a bump, bruise, or sore muscle. Or, use your Swedish dishcloth for cold therapy instead—soak it in water until it’s pliable, wring it out, then use it to wrap an ice pack to create a buffer between the ice and your skin. 


Washing Your Car

Aside from milking cows, this may be one of the most out-of-the-box ways to use Swedish dishcloths—they can be used instead of a chamois to detail your car!


Find Out Why Okie Dok Is the Rolls Royce of Swedish Dishcloths

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